Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here is my serious look, aren't I impressive? I rarely look this way anymore though. I am usually a very goofy and silly girl. Mom says I am very clumsey too. I'm always falling off of things, like the couch or bed. I do it like a cat though, I always seem to land on my feet.

I had gotten my eyes puctured and then right when that healed I got a virus in BOTH eyes a few weeks ago and could barely see anything, but now they are almost completely cleared up! I still have some blurry vision, but thats better than loosing one or both eyes. You can see the spots on my eyes in that photo.

Just a bit ago I got to experience my first snow. I t lasted a week but is now GONE! Colorado has such strange weather. It is still a bit cold but almost sunny in comparison. The man on the news who stands in front of a map says snow may be comming our way again. I'm kinda nervous about that. It was fun for a little bit but I don't want snow THAT much. I hate getting snow balls in my paws and my belly gets chilly even though mom made me a sweater out of a wooly baby onesie. That thing sure made my hair get messy and mom had to keep picking knots out of my belly fur. She now is starting to understand why some people shave their pekes. She is determined not to have to though. She loves my lush coat. I will let you all know if we have snow in the morning, but I still hope there isn't.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When I went outside this morning the ground was covered with a blanket of white, wet, sticky stuff. I didn't want to go outside becasue the air was biting my face, but I had to potty so baddly. When I walked out into it it crunched under my feet. That scared me so I walked with my belly low to the ground, but I soon learned that wasn't the greatest idea. When I stood up I realized that the white stuff wasn't actually that bad, especially if you run really fast in it. The white stuff kept falling from above me and I kept trying to find out who was throwing it at me but I never did find them. It was fun sticking my nose into the fluffy stuff smelling what was under it but kept getting some up my nose. I kept having to sneeze it out. After a little bit of time outside I got a bit chilled so after a good romp and a roll in the cold white stuff I decided to go back inside and lay in front of the fire. It felt so nice when mom messaged my feet and lower legs to get all the extra white stuff off me. I had a good morning snack then retired to my bed infront of the fire to take a nap. Playing in that strange white stuff sure takes it out of you.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Life sure can be good, as long as you make it through the rough spots.
I had a rough go of it for a while recently. One of my eyes got a puncture from playing with Chen Po. The vet gave us meds to put in it several times a day. It looked like it was healed, but then the next day BOTH my eyes were infected with some kind of virus! The vet (a great lady) thinks it was because my one eye was already weak that it just took over. Those infections seemed to go on FOREVER! I couldn't see, mom kept having to wash crud out ofmy eyes so I could even open them, and had to put several dfferent meds in my eyes several times a day. I couldn't see hardely anything and was very scared. The vet said both my eyes would most likely have to be removed (scary), but luckily my eyes are now both infection free. My eyes are now probably scared for life and need daily meds, but I can now see. I can't see as well as I once could, and there is now a large scar where the puncture used to be, but I get to keep my eyes (at least for now). Unfortunalely my eyes are now much more easily damaged and can get infections easier, but I'm ok.

After my eyes healed I got to go with the human kids to a park again. I don't like to slide or play in the equiptment like Justice (my poodle sister) does but I was quite content just being loved on by all the kids at the park and by my family, and to run in the grass while chasing my human kids.

Isn't life great when you are loved?!

Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm starting to get used to this idea of having a family and living in a house. I think I like it. I have had so many new experiences. It has been raining alot lately wich I find terrifying! I hate thunder but don't mind the rain on my head. Thunder doesn't even compare with how scary things called plastic is though. Especially plastic bags. The way they move and that awfull soumd they make sends me running.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My new Mom put me in a SCARY monster! She made the human baby sit in a seat in the monster and tied him in, and then got me. She carried me to the odd smelling thing, opened up part of the side, and put me in it!! Even though she was saying such nice things to me in a nice voice I still freaked! I was afraid it was going to eat me. I wrapped my front legs around her neck and wouldn't let go. She finally convinced me to calm down enough to sit in the seat my boy Soren usually sits in (it smelled like him which made me feel safer). Then the thing made a grrr hummm kind of noise and started moving! I was so scared that mom had to talk to me for a while again to stop me from shaking. I sat up so I could see her face and that's when I saw the most marvelous thing (Mom called it a window) and through it I could see so many new and exciting things. I decided I had to get a better look so climbed up in the back and stayed there till we got to the place where mom takes Soren and Tempestt in the morning to learn with other kids. When I saw my kids coming I got so excited my entire back end shook so much I slid right off my perch. That was OK though because my boy pet me and gave me kisses. Tempestt pet me too. After they tied themselves to the inside of the monster it made the noise again and started moving. I hopped right back up on my perch to watch the world. I decided the monster mom calls a car isn't as bad as I thought. Maybe I can ride in it again tomorrow. Mom says next time she is going to take me out of the monster/car at the human kid's learning place so I can get used to being around other humans other than my new family. She promised to hold me the entire time though so I don't get mobbed (I am beautiful you know) and get too scared.

On the way home the puppy human, Dartagnan, fell asleep. Mom carried him inside and layed him down on the couch. Soren carried me in (the ground and leash are both still too scary for me) gave me a treat and some water and then I asked to be put on the couch (I'm working on learning how to jump), layed down next to Dartagnan, and went to sleep. What a wonderful life this is turning out to be. Maybe change isn't as bad or as scary as I thought. I think I could get used to this.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Isabella the poodle's blog tells about a woman who needs our help. This woman saved a dog from dying cold and alone and gave him something every dog needs and deserves, dignity.Every dog, no matter where, what breed or who owned them has the right to have water, healthy food, love and dignity, and the people who stand in the way of that should be punished, not the people who try to help the helpless animals. Please read about Doogie and the woman who helped him and do what you can to help her.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hi, my name is Tian-Shi (that means angel in Chinese). I am a 5 month old female pekingese. I just moved in with my new mom, 2 human brothers, a human sister, and a large canine family. I am just starting to get to know my new family, but I really think I'm gonna like it here. It can't be worse than where I came from, that's for sure. I was rescued from a very bad place, a puppy mill. The people who owned my canine mom and dad had over 200 dogs, of all different sizes and breeds. We all lived in small cages or runs, but now I have my own bed, toys and everything!! Although I haven't figured out what toys are for or how to play yet I think they are nice to cuddle with. I had always drank out of a rabbit style water bottle so mom had to teach me how to drink out of a bowl, it was very hard but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I am very scared of walking on strange things, such as carpet and especially grass. The TV scared me at first, but because mom leaves it or the radio on for us when she leaves the house I'm not at all scared of it anymore. My brother, Chen Po, loves to watch TV. I might have to start doing that too sometime. Learning to eat normal dog food (I'm used to eating food which looks like rabbit pellets) was almost as hard at learning to lap water from a dich. Mom thinks I'm extra cute while I'm eating. She says I make the oddest faces. Dog food sure is is hard to chew but it sure tasted GOOD! Mom says it's better for my teeth too. Mom and I are also working on the potty training thing. She is happy I got rescued while I am still young so I may beable to learn where to go potty before the end of the year. My new sister, Odette, was rescued from a mill when she was 6. She is 7 now but still has a VERY hard time with the potty training thing. Mom even made little diapers for her. They look like bikini bottoms that mom puts a pad in. They work well, but Odette has to have a rear end bath almost every day. The doggy doctor doesn't think she has accidents because she doesn't try, but because she can't controls it as well as other dogs. Probably because she had SO many babies. I'm lucky though. I will NEVER have puppies. After seeing so many dogs have puppies and seeing so many mom and baby dogs die at the mill I am very relieved about never having to go through that experience.

I was born with only a nub for a tail, possibly from over breeding and am quite underweight, but other than that I seem fairly healthy. I think people are VERY scary at this point except for my human brother Soren. He was the first kid I ever met and he held me all the way home on his lap so I am very attached to him. He feels safe. I found another place that feels safe, its my doggy bed. Mom noticed that I prefer to be in very high places because I lived in a top cage at the mill, so mom put my bed and my own food and water bowls on a shelf with a ramp leading up to it. It's not as high as my cage was at the mill but mom is to scared to put it higher than it already is because I'm not very coordinated and she is afraid I'll fall. So far I have fallen off the couch (I can't jump yet though so people have to put me on it anyway) mom's bed (she put me there too), and down the stairs leading outside. I'm not used to different levels.

I like my canine family at my new house a lot, especially Chen Po. He is a pekingese too and also had a rough start in life. Mom is fostering me until I am more comfortable with people, cars, strange noises, and everything else in life. I may get to stay with mom if I need to. My new family has done foster care for animals a lot and loves to help dogs and cats find their loving forever homes. However, sometimes, but not very after, mom's home turns out to be the right forever home.